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Пермь: +7 (342) 209-17-88
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Москва: +7 (495) 133-17-88
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DIZOR MEDIA GROUP is the expert in media communications having strong industrial complex comprising own assembly  center, operators' department, web development department, design department, analytics department and comprehensive set of professional equipment for the web, design, photo and movie production.
The key advantage of DIZOR MEDIA GROUP is the complexity of services rendered. The media group includes consists of narrowly focused companies that are experts and leaders in their fields. This allows DIZOR MEDIA GROUP providing services in the shortest possible time and at high professional level. 

    PR and Marketing     Video Production     Website Making     Advertising and Design
  • Development of PR Strategy and Advertising
  • PR Consultancy
  • Brand Management
  • Reputation Management
  • Event Marketing
  • Anti-crisis Communications
  • Personal Positioning
  • Promotion in the Internet and Media
  • Mass Media Monitoring
  • Marketing Research
  • Corporate Films
  • Presentation films
  • Documentary Films
  • Commercials
  • Image Films
  • 3D Graphics
  • Infographics
  • Corporate TV
  • Multimedia Magazine
  • Educational Film
  • Animation
  • Online Broadcasting
  • Website Development
  • Websites Design
  • Maintenance and Development of Internet Projects
  • Corporate Identity
  • Printing Production
  • Corporate Photography
  • For Website
  • Events
  • Interior and Architectural Photography
  • Audio Production

Head office of DIZOR MEDIA GROUP LLC in Perm
Kuibysheva St., 119, 614033, Perm.
Tel.: +7 (342) 209-17-88 (multichannel)
E-mail: dizormedia@yandex.ru
Working Hours: 9:00 to 18:00 (Monday to Friday).
Break: 13:00 to 14:00.
Weekend: Saturday, Sunday. 

DIZOR MEDIA GROUP Limited Liability Company
PSRN 1145958031933
TIN 5904640268
KPP 590401001
Settl. acc. 40702810149770012192 in Perm Branch No. 6984 of Sberbank of Russia (OJSC) corr. acc. 0101810900000000603, BIC 045773603
Registered address: Kuibysheva St., 119, 614033, Perm
Mail and physical address: Kuibysheva St., 119, 614033, Perm